Self- The Label


The Beginning

Our label seeks to personalize self-management through self-aware present-mindedness. As our society continues to grow more productive, busy, and aware of others’ lives on social media, we focus (even unintentionally) on comparison and superficial competition rather than inner growth and peace.

Upon months of research and analysis, we discovered a major issue: many approaches out there to managing ourselves daily lacks context and defined support systems. Above all, it lacks recognition of the person using these methods. This sparked our quest to strengthen each person’s journey in discovering, confronting, honoring, and loving their inner truth.

The Vision

Mass well-being. Mass non-self conscious individualism.

Core Team

Monique Manaloto : Co-Founder, Lead

Trent Jones : Co-Founder, Hardware Lead


What is Self-?

A smart fashion label creating wellnesswear, or garments and accessories in support of your journey towards present-mindedness.


We started working in August 2018. We’ve conducted research, questioned and discussed the concept of wellness and mental health for months, and prototyped a wireless charging hanger and haptic feedback system for garments. This past summer we have been collecting user and market data through surveys and interviews in preparation for a more rigorous prototyping phase and seed round. As we embark on meshing hardware and software together in support of mental wellness and dynamic self-expression, our work is cut out for us.

Here’s a more detailed look into our evolving concept:

Why smart, sustainable fashion?

Smart fashion offers us convenient, effective opportunities to manage our overall health. On-body data is valuable because of what insights it can provide us and better decisions we can lead ourselves to. That being said, our team is uninterested in regurgitating data back to the user. We are curious about and developing data structures that involve context and consider the priorities of the person involved.

For sustainable fashion, our team believes that our suffering is not separate from others and the planet. Our definition of wellness includes interdependence – each person and each part of the natural world are undeniably connected. We must support dignified, fairly compensated labor practices and a supply chain focused on reducing impact. My ultimate goal is to affect systemic change in the fashion industry, from how it compensates workers to its role in our warming, fast-paced world. There is much meaningful work ahead of us.

The ‘More Me’ Theory

To us, wellness can be achieved through contextualized stress-management, self-awareness, the flow state, and in-person interaction. Our label Self- is a reflection of five main ideas:

  1. We believe in on-body, hardware solutions to cultivate the next shift in dynamic user interaction with technology.

  2. We believe in products that support a system designed for peace of mind, fulfillment, compassion, and self-expression.

  3. We believe in social technology, that society contains the capacity to encourage the best out of each other.

  4. We believe in mental health, that it is essential to our joy and the key to compassionate Consciousness.

  5. We believe people are capable, resilient, caring, and strong. We'll meet you at where you're at and work together from there.

These five pillars define and differentiate our team in that what we produce will only matter because each person who will wear and use our product matters. We cannot eliminate stress, define the wearer, or control the state of your mental health. Rather, we can accompany your mental health journey through the lens of present-mindedness, thus allowing you to activate the magic you, your Self, already holds. We are simply in support of you becoming more you, unapologetically and lovingly.

Words Matter

We play around with many concepts that are hard to define and have a lot of gray area. If you’re curious, here’s a link to peek at our team’s Glossary. It’s another living document that grows as we grow and improves as we learn more.